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We make staying on top of your medications and prescriptions easy. We also offer free blister packages, medication reviews, and various trusted home healthcare products, premium Canadian-made supplements and over the counter medications. If you’re looking for further assistance or information, contact us at any time. We’re always readily available to help. Or, keep reading below to learn more about how we can help you.
Your Health Matters

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It’s not easy always remembering when to refill a prescription, when to take your medication, or learning to manage your symptoms on your own. But that’s where we come in.
Health Consulting
We care more about just filling a prescription. We care about you and your wellbeing. If you have any questions about your health, your symptoms, your medications, or even our services, book a consultation with our pharmacist who is more than happy to assist you.
Compound Drug Services
We’re pleased to announce that we’re a compounding pharmacy – something not everyone offers. Our pharmacists work with your doctors to ensure your customized prescription gets filled in a timely and efficient manner. We want to make receiving your needed medications as easy as possible. Limited to non-sterile simple compounding.
Asthma, Smoking & Diabetes Counselling
Whether you need help understanding your asthma triggers, need help with officially quitting smoking, or how to better manage your diabetes, our pharmacists will get to understand you better as well as your goals in order to incorporate the proper measures.
Services That Focus On Bettering Your Health

You Can Count On Our Team

Located downtown, Stayner Family Pharmacy is easily accessible for everyone looking to improve their health and lifestyle.
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Minor Ailments
Did you know pharmacists can help with minor ailments? Pharmacists are authorized to prescribe medications for Conjunctivitis, acid reflux, Hemorrhoids, and more. See your family pharmacist for more information and learn the 13 ailments they can treat.
Flu Shots
Stay protected against the flu. Symptoms can be complicated and serious especially if you’re over 65, pregnant, have a chronic illness, or diabetes.
Free Blister Packages
Remembering when to take all of your medications can be easier with our medication managers that are easy to open and take with you on the go.
Diabetes Management
Coping with diabetes can be very difficult which is why our pharmacists can work with you to establish and manage your symptoms in a stress-free manner.
Compression Stockings
Compression stockings can improve blood flow in your legs to prevent swelling, blood clots, initial signs of varicose veins, and ease cramping and tiredness.
Health Consulting
If you have questions about your current medications or how to ease any symptoms you may be experiencing, book a consultation with our pharmacist for peace of mind and relief.
We’re Always Here For You

You’re More Than Just A Prescription

Our locally owned and operated pharmacy is dedicated to improving customers’ quality of life and working with doctors to make prescribing medications easier for their patients. We are also proud to offer:
Convenient Hours
You’ll be given peace of mind knowing we have convenient hours to ensure you receive your much-need prescription.
Convenient Location
We’re located in the downtown core and are easy to find – just across from the much-loved Station Park.
Easy Accessibility
We have a large selection of parking spots available, as well as wheelchair parking and a wheelchair accessible building.
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