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Stayner Family Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that provides the medications you need in specially flavoured liquids, topical creams, gels, and other forms, to help you get your medications in a way that suits you best. Alongside our non-sterile simple compounding services, we also offer premium Canadian-made supplements and vaccinations like the flu shot, other vaccines, and more. We are your go-to pharmacy for helping you manage and maintain your health.

Medication Reviews

Have you ever been prescribed a medication that you do not know anything about, least of all how to take it? It is more common than you think! Our pharmacists will conduct a medication review to help you better understand the medication you are taking.

During a one-on-one medication review with a pharmacist, they will:

Give you a better understanding of what your medication is for, why it was prescribed, and how you should take it in order to reap its full benefits.
Check how your medication may interact with other medications, OTC drugs, herbal and natural products.
Identify and treat possible adverse effects from medications, or refer you to a family doctor for further investigation and management.
Provide you with resources on how you can better manage your health.

A medication review with one of our pharmacists will help put you back in control of your health. Stop by our pharmacy today to learn more about your medications.

Medication Management

If you have several medications you need to take daily, you may find it hard to manage them by yourself. Our team will do all of the work for you with our medication management service!

We will organize your medications in blister packs, ensuring that you take the right medication at the right time. Our pharmacy team will also update your medications after you have a doctor's appointment or are discharged from the hospital. Professional medication management will help take the stress out of your health; all you have to do is take your medications.

Next time you visit our pharmacy, inquire about our medication management services. It will be a great way to help you stay on top of your medications.

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Helping You Live A Healthy Life

Here at Stayner Family Pharmacy and Compounding, we are dedicated to helping members of our community live happy and healthy lives. We know that goes beyond filling your medications; you need the right health products and services to protect and maintain your health. That is why we are proud to offer a wide range of products meant to help you live life to the fullest possible.

For example, o​ur pharmacy carries a range of premium Canadian-made supplements to help boost your immune system and ensure you receive essential nutrients. We also have a home health care section to help with mobility issues and sports injury recovery. No matter what your area of concern may be, we can help. Stop by our pharmacy today to find exactly what you need to live a healthier life.

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