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We’re A Trusted Local Pharmacy and Compounding In Stayner, Ontario

We’re A Compounding and Full-Service Pharmacy That Is Customer-Focused

Located in the close-knit township of Stayner is our locally-owned and operated pharmacy, just across from Station Park downtown. We’re in the old Stayner Public Library building that holds a fascinating history which we’re proud to now be a part of. We’re a compounding pharmacy, meaning we can fill your doctor’s specific medication requests, refill prescriptions, and also offer much-needed OTC and home healthcare products for everyone.

Wheelchair Accessible Parking & Entrance

We make it easy for everyone to benefit from our services. There is plenty of free parking, wheelchair parking, and a wheelchair accessible entrance.

Convenient Hours

We have convenient hours so you can rest assured knowing that you can get your prescription at a time that works best for you, especially as you continue to heal. 

Helping You Take Control of Your Health

Our pharmacy plays an important role in helping you improve and maintain your health. You can book a consultation with us anytime to discuss your symptoms and medication.

Becoming A Part of History

We’re Proud To Reside In Stayner’s Old Public Library

We believe in keeping history alive, which is why our pharmacy is located in the much-loved old public library building, right across from Station Park – a popular hangout. Since we are located downtown, we are easy to find, have easily accessible parking for everyone, and hours that work best for customers needing prescriptions.

Did You Know?

Women Played An Important Role In Establishing The Local Library

Before Clearview Township was formed, the local Women’s Institute played a significant role in establishing the much-loved local library. The institute was a not-for-profit organization in Ontario that began in 1919 that aimed to help support and improve women’s skills in the art of homemaking and childcare at first. That quickly expanded into improving their skills in health, community welfare, politics and the environment, and personal growth. They owned the Stayner Branch library at 201 Huron Street until just after World War II. Afterwhich, the building was remodeled and the institute waived the final $900 payment on the branch’s remodels to go towards the purchase of new books instead.

Pharmacy Manager and Owner of Stayner Family Pharmacy and Compounding

Gia Holmlund

Independently Owned

Our Team Is Comprised Of Passionate, Caring Professionals

We strive to be a top choice for customers in the Stayner area who are looking for a pharmacy to transfer to and to trust for a lifetime. We don’t just care about filling your prescription – we care about you too. This is why we offer a variety of services that best suit your needs as well as sell OTC medications, premium Canadian-made supplements and home healthcare products that are designed to make your life easier and more comfortable.

We also want to ensure that you’re getting convenient and quick service when you need it most. We can set you up to receive phone notifications about your prescription so you can go about your day running errands, or get back to work if you're popping by on your lunch break.

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What’s Around?

We’re Located In Downtown’s Core

After picking up your prescription, or while you’re waiting for it to be filled, stop by Station Park to enjoy the beautiful weather!  We’re also right next to a TD Bank, and a home hardware store for your convenience. We’ll send you a phone notification when your prescription is ready to be picked up!

Offering Various Services

Learn More About The Other Services We Offer

From providing the flu vaccine to offering health consulting and diabetes management, we’re here for you and your family.

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We Look Forward To Helping You

You’re In Good Hands

Many other local pharmacies do not offer compounding services. This is where we’re different. In order to better serve our customers and their doctors/physicians, we proudly offer non-sterile simple compounding services in order to fill prescriptions that are crucial in improving your health and wellbeing.

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